Your stamping business lives and thrives by the content you create. What you put out into the world – the unique projects, tutorials, and workshops – is the secret sauce that makes your business utterly irresistible in a market full of noise.

And friends, there’s a lot of noise out there.

Blogs, social media, newsletters, workshops, stamp clubs, e-books, online classes, and open houses are all competing for your customers’ time and attention. In an ever-changing and noisy marketplace trying to keep up – let alone thrive – can feel all too overwhelming.

What classes do my customers want to take? Are my projects trendy enough? Which social media outlets are best for me? Why did my Facebook reach suddenly drop? Why aren’t my blog posts being read? How do I get more web traffic? How can I turn readers into paying customers? Why are my newsletters not opened? Is my website a mess?

As a small business owner I’ve been there, struggling with feelings of overwhelm and doubt. I know the late nights of worry. I know the pressure to stay relevant to my customers. I know the endless days of trial and error to find something that finally works only to have it change again in the blink of an eye. I know the confusion, the frustration, and the feelings of defeat. I know all those things you’re probably experiencing right now.

I also know the way out.

I’m Khris Cochran. I’m an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and crafter. Fourteen years ago I launched a niche blog that changed my life. I went from being a non-crafter to having my work featured on Martha Stewart, ABC, NBC, Yahoo! Makers, and in dozens of news, craft, and wedding publications around the globe. To outsiders my success may have looked easy; it wasn’t. It was messy and frustrating and often full of failure. I thrived anyway. How? By producing great content.

Through great content all things are possible! I’m here to show you how to do it.

After I sold the business last year, I knew it was my duty to send the elevator back down to help the next creative businesses rise to the top. STAMPOLOGY is my way of paying forward the guidance and support my mentors and collaborators provided me on my journey to success.

  • If you feel overwhelmed, lost, and uninspired by your content
  • If you’ve been trying to implement one-size-fits-all-strategies but they’re not working
  • If you’re aching for some clarity, focus, and direction
  • If you know you have great ideas, you just need help bringing them to life
  • If you’re ready to utilize your content to attract loyal customers and build your team
  • If you want to shape up your blog or introduce new content streams into your online presence

If you’re ready to utilize your talents, simplify your process, create content that resonates, and build a creative business that thrives STAMPOLOGY is for you.


STAMPOLOGY is a launchpad that helps you clarify your vision, create a road map for your stamping business and position yourself to make a fabulous living doing the work you love.

You won’t find one-size-fits-all formulas, unworkable strategies, or outdated advice here. Instead you’ll develop the tools, confidence, and clarity you need to move forward to create content that resonates, connects, and sells – without having to feel icky or sales-y along the way.

STAMPOLOGY is more than a course, it’s a community. Join us as together we explore the practices, methods, and strategies that you’ll be able to adapt to fit your unique business challenges.


  • Guidance on building a focused plan of action to move your business forward
  • Weekly brainstorming sessions to bring out your best ideas
  • Writing prompts, content exercises, critiques to make your content sing
  • Clear instructions on bringing to life different forms of content: blogs, podcasts, e-books, online courses, video, and more
  • Industry insight about crafting, blogging, marketing to women, and social media
  • Meaningful connections with (and support) from your peers
  • Downloads galore: worksheets, cheat sheets, planners, tutorials, and more
  • Special members-only discounts like an automatic 25% off select workshops, templates, courses, and events


The investment for Founding Members is only $17 per month.

For the price of a stamp set, you’ll get unlimited access to all of the materials posted each month plus membership into the private community. Pretty sweet, right?


Registration will open on November 19. If you’d like to be notified when Stampology is ready to go, please enter your info below. You’ll receive only 1 notification on launch day.